Five Keys to Investing in United States Property

Five Keys to Investing in United States Property

The Latin American region is going through a period of economic and institutional uncertainty, which is why we need to study scenarios and successful experiences in terms of development and investment in order to project a more predictable economic future.

For those who seek to secure and grow their long-term wealth, the possibility of investing in the United States is considered an excellent opportunity. Among the various strategies that we have successfully implemented with our clients, the option of acquiring real estate stands out. According to the world’s leading real estate investors, continues to lead the ranking as the most stable and secure country for real estate investment and opportunities for capital appreciation.

A survey conducted among members of the Association of Foreign Real Estate Investors (AFIRE), which brings together the largest international institutional real estate investors in the world and have an estimated over $ 2 billion or more in globally managed real estate, showed that 95% say they will maintain or increase their investment in the US

These are the keys that make investing in the US real estate market so attractive:

1. Income in dollars: foreign investors find the investment in the real estate market attractive because of the possibility of renting their property and having a monthly income in dollars, especially for those who live in countries with a high inflation rate and see a loss permanently of purchasing power.

2. Simple and easy investment mechanisms: with the aim of encouraging the creation of new businesses in its territory, the United States offers a context that facilitates and encourages foreign investment, as well as offering a predictable and transparent judicial system

3. Sustainable economic growth: The United States maintains a sustained growth for 7 years, even with a moderate 2.1% annual growth in its Gross Domestic Product. The US real estate market represents a reliable strategy to generate long-term profitability.

4. Diversification: investment in real estate stands out as one of the preferred and safest options among our Argentine clients, to diversify and grow their long-term assets, without having to live in the United States. Many of them are professionals who in their country of origin manage companies in different areas, such as gastronomy, imports, or provide professional services.

5. Benefits of an investor visa: there is a Commercial Agreement between the US. and Argentina, which gives the possibility of being eligible for an E2 visa of Investor or E1 of Foreign Trade, which grants benefits such as a social security number, better financing options, job opportunities for the spouse, among others. This visa can also give access after a few years to a Permanent Residence or “Green Card”.

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