Hotels and Buildings of Miami to Enjoy Without Being Lodged

Hotels and Buildings of Miami to Enjoy Without Being Lodged

The architecture in Miami, with its Art Deco style, is one of the characteristics that jumps out as soon as you arrive in the city. But in recent years, large buildings have grown and aggiornado the landscape.

Places with historical value, or new ones that already have a privileged space in the city. Although staying in them is often prohibitive for some pockets, enjoy them approaching the common spaces suitable for all is an unavoidable alternative that allows you to discover at the same time its gastronomy, works of art and building history. All a tour to take into account.

Alan Faena the King Midas

The man in white and hat, one of the most eccentric Argentine entrepreneurs, found in Miami the last of his shoe and set up a district that is located on Collins Avenue between 32 and 35.

The Faena District consists of several buildings, and everything suggests that it will continue to grow. To begin with, there is the Faena House, a 24-story building with giant terraces that overlook the sea all around the tower (the building holds the record for the most expensive housing in Miami: in 2015, the penthouse was sold for US $ 60 million!). There is also the Faena Hotel, which has the eccentric decoration of Faena, and has a theater with cabaret shows in the Moulin Rouge style and two excellent restaurants: Los Fuegos, by Francis Mallman, and Pao, by Paul Qui, modern Asian cuisine. The hotel houses important works of contemporary art, such as the golden mammoth of Damien Hirst and the murals of the Argentine Juan Gatti. Finally, the Faena Forum, a white openwork building that is the realm of Ximena Caminos, the curator of the art shows that add interest to the district.

Edition Hotel

In Miami Beach there are hotels that are much more than a place to rest when we arrive in the afternoon loaded with shopping bags. They are true entertainment complexes. Almost all the hotels in the neighborhood have incredible restaurants, bars and proposals to go dancing, art shows and other walks. In the Edition Hotel, for example, you can spend a very complete day even if you are not staying at the hotel: there is the Market restaurant, ideal for breakfast, lunch or tea while looking at Collins Avenue, but also one called El Matador, divine, with a very 40s atmosphere, which is more appropriate for dinner. The hotel also has a very good spa.

The best: the underground of the Edition is one of the nerve centers of the nightlife of Miami Beach. There is an ice skating rink, bowling lines and even a bowling alley! The games of lights and music are amazing: in this hotel you can really get in the morning and leave at dawn … Be careful, everything is booked at 2901 Collins Avenue.

1 Hotels

It is one of the most beautiful hotels in Miami. It is distinguished by its quiet ambience, its minimalist decoration in light tones, with warm materials and many, many plants (all from Plant the Future, which has a business in the lobby). In addition to service on the beach, it has three pools, one on the rooftop for adults only. The hotel has seven restaurants to enter and explore. The most renowned is Beachcraft, from the chef (and judge of the Top Chef US version program) Tom Colicchio, with a menu based on local and fresh products. The same chef has a bar in the lobby, Tom on Collins, to stop for a drink and some tapas and listen to some music from Thursday to Saturday. If you can stay in the 1, it is highly recommended, but if you go budget, you can face a gourmet walk.

The best: Watr at the 1 Rooftop, is the bar on the terrace, with sea paintings on the walls and a long view to watch it live. A menu of light food to feel you float. At 2341 Collins Avenue.

The Standard

On its own page, this hotel boasts of being more of a spa with rooms than a hotel. And the truth is that it has a very covetable aura of peace that it achieves with vegetable aisles and many, many mirrors of water. It is a whole holistic experience.

The best: the menu of spa options, ranging from a body detox (US $ 185) to all the world’s massages and meditation. The 40 Island Ave.


It has a bar and lounge that is next to the sea: you can arrive by boat and sit down to watch the most divine sunsets while you drink something. But it also has the restaurant The Lido Bayside Grill, which is next to the pool. At night it is super romantic because they light their garlands of colored lights. Everything very healthy and organic, is the best alternative to crown a day of spa.

The best: the Lido’s dinner menu has dishes to put together, a protein, an accompaniment and a condiment / sauce (tomato sauce, green sauce, etc.). 40 Island Ave.

Spend the whole day on the beach

The island of Miami Beach has beaches on its east coast. From South Point to Bal Harbor, all are excellent options to get installed to enjoy the ideal combination of sea + sand + sun + service. To use the facilities of the beach, either resort to the beach service of the hotels (paying a fee) or opt for independent rentals, which are cheaper.

At lunchtime, you can buy snacks or simple lunches (sandwiches and salads) at the beach stalls, but there are also foodtrucks with chairs and tables. Almost all beach services have a special area for the children’s play, which they protect from the sun with umbrellas. If you rent the full service, do not carry buckets or shovels for your children because they give them to you.

For the family athletes, the beaches of Miami offer paddleboard, jetskis, and parachute board rentals … One of the best-known companies is Boucher Brothers, which serves the public at The W Hotel, Lummus Park and Loews Hotel . To rent the parachutes:

The Webster

In the heart of Miami Beach, in an art deco building from 1939, is the most luxurious fashion store in the city. Laure Herrad Dubreuil, its owner, stands out for its impeccable selection of garments from the best brands in the world for men and women.

The best: the bar on the terrace and the high wave. At 1220 Collins Ave.


It’s the classic American style diner in Miami. It is recognized because it is in a corner, all painted pink, and by Volkswagen beetles also roses parked outside.

The best: the service, fast and friendly. Large portions (to share) and a very long menu, in which there is sure to be something you like. At 157 Collins Avenue.

First Surf Shop

Two blocks from South Pointe, this is THE place to rent surfboards and paddleboard, the sport that they call SUP (stand-up paddleboard). There are all kinds of models for US $ 20-30 an hour. And classes for US $ 70 per hour.

The best: like any surf shop, it explodes wave. And the staff that attends, sports fan, you get the desire. 40 South Pointe Drive, Suite 107.

Maison 111

A shop with all the French allure in Miami. It’s that place where you find different objects, unique candles, beautiful dishes, fabrics from Provence, perfumes and all those charms that only France … If you’re not going to buy, just lose a bit in the place, which is different from everything what do you see in Miami?

The best: they are not so easy to carry in a suitcase, but their hand-painted plates with flowers are unique. Also the cotillion of Mari Mari. 40 South Pointe Dr. @ maison111boutique

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