Miami: the High-speed Train Station Inaugurates

Miami: the High-speed Train Station Inaugurates

Until now, it has been running between Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. The next goal is Orlando.

Miami, United States , already has a high-speed rail service , after the arrival and departure of the first passenger trains of the company Brightline, in the brand new station that opened this Saturday, May 19.

This service, which already connected the cities of Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach , now reaches Miami, thus extending its journey amid the great expectation generated by the advance sale of all tickets available for the weekend.

“It seems very good and a good alternative to drive,” said passenger Francisco Pajes, who arrived in Miami from West Palm Beach with his son.

“It’s perfect, like in Europe,” said the Finnish Toula, on arrival at the Miami station, with a gift in hands given by the company and while watching the performance of the group Sons of Mytro, one of the musical acts programmed throughout the weekend.

After the inaugural trips with reduced prices -which will be maintained during the coming weeks- Brightline plans to increase the frequency of trains between the three cities and, beyond that, expand the service to cities like Orlando, in the center of the state, or Jacksonville, in northeastern Florida.

The premise is that future stations involve distances “very short to fly and very long to drive”, as said the company’s president, Patrick Goddard, who was excited by the “overwhelming response” that had the launch of the service.

Very common in large cities in Europe and Asia, a high-speed rail network offers “reliability” and fits in with the current lifestyle.

The president of Brightline pointed out that the United States has a good network of freight trains, but except perhaps “the northeast corridor”, the same does not happen in the case of rail passenger transport, for which there is a “good infrastructure” , but old and to which they urge improvements.

“From an infrastructure perspective, we are in a bad position as a country,” said Goddard, who is optimistic about the development of the service.

The modern Miami station, which in the future will be connected to the regular rail service Tri Rail and its routes to the west, rises in an area where courts and public offices are located, and very close to the financial district of Brickell and the Location of Coral Gables.

The opening of the station, which has restaurants and cafes, attracted a few curious and even the participation of some players of the Miami Heat basketball team, which were part of the inaugural program.

With the Orlando station as the next goal , which will take about three years to complete, the Brightline executives maintain their safety awareness campaign to prevent more deaths from occurring, such as the six registered since the Fort Lauderdale-West Palm route was inaugurated. Beach, when people crossed the rails despite the signs of stopping.

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