The Largest Shopping in the Usa Will Be Built in Miami: It Will Have Premises, a Hotel and Up to a Ski Track

The Largest Shopping in the Usa Will Be Built in Miami: It Will Have Premises, a Hotel and Up to a Ski Track

If until now Miami was known as the mecca of shopping, in a short time it will become the queen, the empress, the goddess. Is that the city of Florida, southern United States, is preparing to build the Miami American Dream, its largest consumer temple.

According to what was published by the newspaper El País, in the vicinity of the Everglades National Park will be erected this mole of more than half a million square meters, with all the shops that one can imagine, the best restaurants but also an amusement park, a hotel with 2000 rooms and entertainment such as an underwater lake, a water park, a permanent function of the Cirque du Soleil and a ski slope with the height of a 16-story building.

It will be the largest commercial center in the country. Follow the steps of the Dubai mall. It will be ready in a couple of years and it will cost more than 4 billion dollars.

The vote that approved the project had nine yes and only one no, of the commissioner Daniella Levin Cava, who assures that it will not be good for the traffic in the city and that also rejects the idea of ​​relating the “American dream” with the purchase of products or clothing or appliances and to use drinking water for an entertainment like skiing in a place known for its beaches.

“It seems ridiculous to think that the American dream is to go to a place with a lot of shops and where you can ski being Florida a place with such natural beauty and fun options,” he said. However, those who encourage the construction of this shopping giant understand that it will be good news for the city due to the number of jobs it will generate in the midst of the crisis unleashed by online commerce.

The company behind the plan is Triple Five, specializing in large commercial developments. He has already built similar but never-so-big shopping malls in Minneapolis and Alberta, Canada. And the family behind the signing are the Ghermezian, Iranian Jewish immigrants with a fortune estimated at more than two thousand three hundred million dollars.

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