Waldorf Astoria Hotel & Residences: How to Build the Highest Tower of Miami

Waldorf Astoria Hotel & Residences: How to Build the Highest Tower of Miami

The project will be launched in 2019. The news was unveiled by PMG developer at a cocktail party at the Sheraton Hotel, where they gave details of the next ‘skyscraper’ that will be located on Biscayne Boulevard.

The tallest buildings are what define the urban landscape of the main cities of the world. The world identifies New York or Dubai for example, thanks to its architecture and the majesty of its skyscrapers.

In the case of Miami, during 2019 the tallest tower in the city will be launched: Waldorf Astoria Hotel & Residences. This project will be 330 meters high, double the height of the buildings that surround it, and 99 floors. This will transform it without doubt into the architectural icon of Miami.

But not only will it be a true ‘skyscraper’, but it will also have luxury and first class services, including: an exclusive spa by Deepak Chopra with an area of ​​1500m2, meeting room, 3 outdoor pools- two an interior-, and furnished apartments with direct sea views.

The presentation at the Sheraton also gave the possibility of knowing other options for investors in Real Estate. PMG (Property Markest Group) – in charge of the construction of the next tallest building-, has a business unit, where it also builds buildings for rent.

“Once built and rented in its entirety, the entire building is sold to a fund, this business to the investor that enters as a partner of the company, generates excellent returns on a product that is very sought after by large groups, as it is a business sure, “says Fabian Parolari, representative of International Sales.

What is the advantage? the investor is associated with the developer -which has 6 trillion dollars in assets-, and invests with the company in luxury income projects, where one as a member participates in the profits of the company in a model that is having an Very big success at this time in the Miami market.

“This is the first time that an event of the company is held in Argentina, and we are very happy to be able to present these two investment projects, including the xBiscayne,” said Sergio Pintos, director of PMG.

X Biscayne is part of the X Comunities concept that is already having a better result than originally projected in both rental speed and value per square foot, which makes it much more attractive for the investing market to enter X Biscayne located in Downtown, the area that more development will have in the next 10 years with an estimated investment of 10 billion between public and private.

X Miami, located in front of where X Biscayne will be built, was the first project within the X Comunities concept. The building was completed in May of this year and is having a success of rents above expectations.

With the differential of being in the heart of Downtown Miami, this tower was named as ‘ideal for millennials’ as they come furnished, compact, and presents an absolute rental price very convenient when compared to the rest of the departments of the zone – thanks to this is considered the most profitable building in the Miami and Brickell area.

The background of PMG is a very important differential that also wins over investors, for example: EchoBrickell, another of the company’s projects, set the record per square meter in the history of Brickell.

Soon, during 2019, it will be the turn of the future tallest building in Miami, which meets all the requirements to set a new record in sales.

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